Krotoflik DIY Camera Gear

Krotoflik’s Chad Bredahl  has made a number of good DIY camera rig videos including, a jib, shoulder rig, LED lights, camera handle, camera slider, steadicam, cube camera rig, dead cat mic wind guard, follow focus, shotgun mic, hotshoe adapter and beer coaster screen shade to name some. I have made a list of some of the best below. I have also included a link to his site at the bottom (click the logo) so you can check out other tutorials on filming techniques, etc.

The $20 krotocrane camera jib

RotoRig jib and shoulder rig

Cheap LED light panel

Camera Slider

Camera Handle


Camera Cube Rig

DIY dead cat wind guard for mics

Follow Focus for SLRs

Shotgun Mic

Hotshoe Adaptor

Beer Cozy Screen Shade