Free mocap conversion utility

Take One, a motion capture studio in Belgrade, has decided to release it’s in house tool for converting mocap data from one format to another, free for anyone to use.

To quote their website:

It is often the case that different softwares handles motion capture data differently. Specially when it comes to reading and writing mocap formats such as (TRC, C3D, cap …) Even if the formats is readable sometimes it happens that data is not containing timecode data or it’s writen in a wrong format. Mocap free tool is designed for converting all existing formats so that the data is readable in most post processing mocap softwares (motion builder, blade, cortex…)

On top of it this tool is design to add certain functionality with batch operations.

Sounds like a useful tool for those in the mocap game. The software is in alpha but they are looking for people to give feedback as to how they can improve it. Check it out here.