Phillips Carousel Video – and how it was made

This is going back in time a bit, but in 2009 Phillips produced this rather impressive ‘frozen time’ clip as an advert for their Cinema 21:9 LCD TVs. It is a great reference for fake bullet-time.

The clip is a 2min 19second continuous steadicam shot through a heist gone bad (with clown faced cops, police and action a plenty, all frozen in time). Think of it as a bullet-time shot, ….over two minutes long, …and impossible shot, beautifully executed through the use of a lot of tricks, both practical (from people holding position very still, on wires, etc) and digital (from removing wires to full cg elements and characters). If you want to read more about it you can see more on wiki here. Below is the advert, and then underneath I have put a couple of behind the scenes videos.

This first video is the official Phillips behind the scenes clip.


Next is an FXGuide TV item on the making of the advert (click here, or on the logo, to go see the high resolution, original version of the item below)