Weta Celebrating 20 Years

In October 2014 Weta celebrated 20 years of life. In recognition of that I have collected a few of the articles and videos that came out to mark the event.

First up is a great article from the Dominion Post newspaper in Wellington (click image below) which gives a great rundown on how things started out (note that George Port, mentioned in the article and one of the original Weta crew, went on to set up PRPVFX in Auckland, the largest effects company in Auckland).



Variety had an article too (click the logo).


Weta have also produced two books to mark the occasion, one for Weta Digitals history and one for Weta Workshops history, …or both in a deluxe package (click image below). A good review of the books can be found here.



Weta filmed a few interviews with a selection of artists to look back over the years they’ve worked there and their videos are below.