Blender 3d – open source 3d application

I thought it high time to list Blender here with a bunch of useful links. The interface might take some getting used to but in recent years it has become more feature rich in regards to professional tools and workflow.

Blender is probably the best 3d open source application out there at the moment. It was first developed back around 1998 by a couple of dutch animation companies ( Neo Geo and Not a Number Technologies (NaN)) for use on their own in house projects, but when NaN looked like it wouldn’t survive, NaNs founder, Ton Roosendaal, started a public funding campaign (before the days of crowd funding) to make Blender free for all, …they succeeded in 2002 and it has been developed by the Blender Foundation and the community ever since.

First of all you should hop over to and pick up a copy of the software (click image below).



Here’s a quick review of it so you can see basically what it looks like in action:

If you come from Maya, maybe check out this page that gives some overviews of the differences with a series of video and written tutorials (click here)

This article likewise talks about how some major keys differ between maya and blender and how to survive (click here)

The Blender Artists community is a great place to see what other artists are upto, get tips and tricks, and be able to ask for help of more experienced users (click shot below).





A good place to get the latest Blender news is Blender Nation (click shot below)



If you want some Blender 3d assets or wish to share your creations with other users, there is a good blend sharing community called Blend Swap (click shot below)


There are a few publications out on the net for learning the software. There is for instance an open source wiki book (click below)



For more links to tutorials, etc, head over to this great page from the above book (click here)

They have also done some nice short films to push the tech in Blender further. I’ll pop some below:

They have even made an open source game (using the game engine in the software)