Syntheyes Tutorials

Syntheyes is the 3d tracker I tend to use if i need something better than Nukes inbuilt camera tracker in my comps. Below are some links to tutorials that might help.

The official Syntheyes Tutorial Area of their website has a number of good tutorials covering all aspects of the software. If you are new to the app, this should probably be your first port of call (click here to go there)

Matthew Merkovich has done a number of syntheyes tutorials.

He has been a match over for eons so to show the sorts of things he has worked in I’ll pop his Minority Report and Dr Doolittle demos below (which are an interesting behind th scenes anyway)

Now to the syntheyes stuff. First up a basic intro to syntheyes interface.

Rubiks Cube tracking

If you want to do head/face object tracking in syntheyes, have a look at the below series. The first ones cover a basic head track, his second series shows how to track ad forming face (to get a deforming mesh).

 Next is his head tracking series:

Tracking Face Deformations (soft tracking)

Here is another intro tutorial by Fenix Motion Graphics

Samuel Fuller also has done a two part intro tutorial 

Pixel bump also have a gory face track using syntheyes, realflow, maya and after effects