Using Splinewarp in Nuke to matchmove or stabilize

I just came across this interesting technique that Magno Borgo came up with for using the Splinewarp in Nuke as a cunning way to achieve a multipoint track of an object (good for organic shapes that need to warp more than the 4 points of a corner-pin you might get from Mocha or using the planar_project gizmo might do). 

This works for both tracking objects into a shot or for stabilizing an object. Check out the video below on how to do this and what it can be used for…

…then head to his page (click here)  for links to the python scripts he’s made to automate the process (and while you’re at it check out his reel, he is part of Boundary VFX, an international group of artists that work remotely on vfx jobs from all over the world, specializing in helping out other vfx companies that are snowed under and need additional workers to complete a deadline).