VideoCopilot – After Effects and C4D Tutorials

Andrew Kramers site is probably the one site that has influenced more after effects amateur youtube vfx clips than any other.

Andrew has been producing great tutorials for ages and always inspirational for how far he can push After Effects. For students and hobbiests that have access to After Effects as their main effects tool, I highly recommend checking his series of articles and videos out (and getting out there and making some little skits and shorts using some of the techniques he shows).

Click on his photo below to link to his tutorials:


He also sells a range of other products which are well worth checking out, from the excellent Action Essentials stock footage, to the amazing Elements 3d add on for After Effects, to the ever useful (JJ Abrams will love you) Optical Flares. Check them out at the link below (plenty of videos there to see them in action, just click the photo).