Fusion to Avid Connection plug-in

For those out there who are using Blackmagic Designs Fusion compositing software and also are using Avid Media composer of Symphony, there is a free AVX2 plug in that allows a two way link within Avid.

What this means is that in Avid you can drag the Blackmagic Connection effect onto a clip,  stack of clips or a transition between two clips, then click edit effect to have it launch Fusion (which opens up with a loader and saver node, configured to the project settings of the avid project). You can then make up any comp in fusion you wish (even replacing out the avid resolution for higher resolution files (e.g. large images)) and when you render out the clip in Avid will update as the file is rendered. You can get the AVX2 installer from the Blackmagic support site (click here).

Below are a few videos from Eyeon (the previous makers of Fusion) which outline how the plugin works (note the old links there don’t work now Blackmagic owns it). First up is a basic overview.

Next is a more in depth collection of various examples of what you might use this workflow for and how to go about it.

Finally this one is for Avid DS users.