Amazing Spiderman 2 Behind the Scenes

Sony Pictures Imageworks has released some vfx behind the scenes videos of various aspects from their recent work on Amazing Spiderman 2. Check them out.

The clips below are voiced by VFX Supervisor, David Smith.
First up is a video on how they came up with Electro’s electrical blasts.

Leading on from that is how they worked this plasma look into his dematerializing shots

The clip below is on the spiderman cg character animation and dynamics and is voiced by the Animation Supervisor, David Schaub.

Here is a quick breakdown of the times square scene (showing how they built the environment)

Here is a rundown of how the 3 villains were brought to life.

For some raw behind the scenes footage from the shoot that shows just how much work is needed in post to complete a big fx sequence, check out this video put up by the ‘movie bloopers and behind the scenes’ channel on youtube.