Natron – a Freeware Nuke?

This is an interesting one, it seems to be very Nuke like in look and way it works (it is also available on Windows, Mac and Linux), …so much so I am surprised the Foundry isn’t talking to these guys about the similarities. It is open source software that can be used on commercial projects. Yes, yet another freebie compositing package to keep an eye on.

If there is no conflict with Foundry copyrights, it could become a good free alternative to Nuke over time, …and indeed be a good training ground for students wanting to eventually migrate to jobs using Nuke since they’re so similar (having said that, Nuke will have a free indie version coming out soon, albeit with limited features).

Here is a quick video that shows it in action:

And SphereVFX has an article that talks about it here (click image below)


Click the image below to go to their site.