Stock FX footage – free and paid sites

Thought I’d do a quick rundown of a few sites where you can get fx elements.

 There are actually a fairly large number of places offering clips now but I’ll just share a few I know below that have free or reasonable priced clips of decent quality, useful, effects elements. What I like about a number of them is that you can purchase a particular pack for a specific job, cheaply, when needed (rather than just take a punt on a large collection and find you only use a couple of clips).

Action Essentials 2 (Video Copilot)

This is a paid set but extremely useful. I have used this on a number of TV series and the price paid for the large variety of shots was more than reasonable (a well thought out useful collection). Highly recommended.

Action VFX

This is a relatively new site (started with help from a Kickstarter fundraising drive that raised a lot more than their original target) but seems to have a good range of clips. Has a fairly sizeable collection of free clips you can try out (some useful elements such as bullet casings and bullet holes in there too).

FX Elements

This is another good quality fx collection similar to those above with some freebies (get them here) as well as paid fx.

Vidmuze 4K Damage Pack

A large-ish collection of pyro type fx (it’s one pack not individual smaller collections like some of the other sites)

Detonation Films
These guys have been around a long time, I used some of their old standard def footage in some kids shows over a decade ago (still can find some of those low res shots for free here). They are very reasonably priced, just buy the pack you need in the resolution required (the 1080 clips are very cheap). Below are the links to the HD (1080) and 4K sites.